Disrupting antiquated process in a modern industry

At SimNation, we are constantly finding ways to improving on our quality of work. In order to do so, we need to hire top professionals, provide them the collaborative environment and best tools they need to perform the tasks. Historically, most software dev. firms have gone by the same tired processes which can cause much trepidation for their clients. We understand the fears clients may have when partnering with an off-site vendor. Which is why we are here to change the way things work!

Lagard Development Co’s Approach

  • Under quotes on projects and under estimates timelines in order to pigeonhole” clients down the road
  • Once deep in to projects will suggest changing to hourly rates
  • Uses a multitude of excuses as to why projects are not on schedule, mostly using an ‘out of scope” approach
  • Outsources portions of projects to dev. co’s without the knowledge of clients
  • No real measurable accountability for hours spent on projects
  • Lack of details on developers highered and capabilities of projects
  • No real measurable accountability for hours spent on projects
  • Hold’s code hostage in instances of disagreement


  • Significant amount of efforts put in to the beginning stages of a project
  • Assurance prior to programming that the scope is fully understood and documented
  • A stringent process for hiring personnel including, personal interviews, test of capabilities, references of past projects, overall work performance, attitude and background checks.
  • Full visibility of programmers hours spent including intervaled screenshots, web browser activity, activity levels based on mouse and keyboard movement.
  • Weekly reports showing hours spent and achievements for that week.
  • Weekly conference calls with clients to discuss completed work, workflow changes, bugs and enhancements
  • Invite to our project management software to provide full visibility on activities of the project

Here is what we can do for you?

Each and every project has is assigned dedicated programmers to your project only. This may sound costly, however, we have found that in doing so:

  • Most projects are completed prior to the set deadline
  • There is a large reduction in miscommunication from planning scope to actual development
  • An increase in quality of the finished product with less bugs and more successful launches
  • A more concise, defined cost of work with more projects completed under budget

Interested in knowing more or have some comments, feel free to get in touch!