Our mantra regarding your business proportary info and data security

We boast a lot about our abilities and best in class results but none of them mean anything to us if they aren’t secure. We understand that today’s business is about holding your processes, workflow, physical environment and proprietary information you’ve worked so hard at achieving success securely without any possibilities of breaching your physical and intellectual property.

Whether you have physical personnel security needs to the most advanced data encryption methods we take this part of our world as the linchpin in our clog and your entire business process. Without it, your technology goals are simply a catalyst that opens the doors to the downsides of embracing technology including; ransom hackers, information abductors, physical criminal invasions and anything that can change your business direction on a dime in the wrong direction.

We take the following steps and methodologies to ensure the utmost security:


  • Application security
  • Source code review
  • Network audit
  • Penetration testing
  • Security audit


  • Server hardening
  • Network redesign
  • Policy implementation
  • Active directory
  • Endpoint security


  • Risk assessment
  • Security metrics
  • Compliance readiness
  • Information rights management
  • Next generation firewall

Breach Response

  • Compromise assessment
  • Digital forensics
  • Financial fraud risk management
  • Incident response training
  • Security incident and event management

Who is data encryption, blockchain and biometrics for?

Blockchain and biometrics has potential to upend the way every industry manage their data and information.

  • Legal

    ‘Smart contracts’ stored on blockchain, tracking contract parties, terms, transfer of ownership, and delivery of goods or services without legal intervention.

  • Supply Chain

    By utilizing a distributed ledger, companies within a supply chain gain transparency into shipment tracking, deliveries, and progress among other suppliers where no inherent trust exists.

  • Financial

    Blockchain helps in speeding up and simplifying cross-border payments, and also reduces the costs significantly. Other use case can be share trading, which allows for greater trade accuracy, and a shorter settlement process.

  • Food

    Using blockchain to store food supply chain data offers enhanced traceability of product origin, batching, processing, expiration, storage temperatures, and shipping.

  • Government

    Blockchain combined with encryption offers promise as a technology to store personal identity information, criminal backgrounds, and eCitizenship authorized by biometrics.

  • Insurance

    When autonomous vehicles and other smart device communicate status updates with insurance providers via blockchain through encrypted channel, premium cost decreases as the need for auditing and authenticating data vanishes.

  • Travel & Hospitality

    Passengers store their authenticated ‘Single Travel ID’ on the blockchain for use in lieu of travel documents, identity cards, loyalty program IDs, and payment data which can be validated by biometrics.

  • Healthcare

    Electronic medical records stored in blockchain, accessed and updated via biometrics, allows democratization of patient data and alleviate the burden of transferring records among the providers.

  • Human Resources

    Hiring managers spend a lot of time verifying the information of potential candidates — from job histories, to references, to background checks. Blockchain technology could increase transparency and make it easier to spot fraud in employee credentials.

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