Customized solutions to meet your business needs

Enterprises crave relevance. So we deliver our clients with a tailored and highly effective solutions for the lion’s share of objectives that may be interesting to those entrepreneurs who wish to increase their company’s’ productivity, reduce administrative costs and automate routine operations.
We offer you the following solutions:

  • Business process directed solutions,

    which are designed in order to increase the levels of productivity, by using modern collaborative systems and information management systems accessible from the user’s layer.

  • Mobility services,

    enable enterprise wide metamorphosis which enhances customer experiences & employee efficiency across all touchpoints.

  • Workflow automation apps,

    which are aimed at the full integration of all your connected IT systems in order to improve various processes.

  • Cutting-edge interactive web apps,

    driven by data, which operates on the level of intranet or cloud hosting with customised reporting capabilities.

What are our Capabilities?

Business Analysis & Process Improvement

Business Analysis & Process Improvement

Modern web, cloud, mobility, IoT and other emerging technologies have created the need to evolve and continuously improve services and applications at an advanced rate. Our solutions apply business process analysis and user requirement assessments in an effort to align information technology with business initiatives. Allowing you to drive efficiencies of scale and accelerate growth.

  • Business Case Development
  • Requirements Gathering & Documentation
  • Process Mapping & Intelligent Automation

Enterprise Applications

With customers or internally,  applications keep businesses running. Today’s technology trends and consumer expectations have increased the cost and complexity of application services. Our expertise spans the entire application lifecycle to elevate your digital future. Delivering feature-rich, secure and flexible business applications that perform as expected – everywhere, every time.

  • Modernizing Existing Applications
  • Complex Application Development & Integration
  • UI/UX & Responsive Design
Enterprise Applications
Modern Workspace Applications & Solutions

Modern Workspace Applications & Solutions

If you can’t analyze, recognize and implement improvements in workplace productivity, you’re missing out on the ability to reduce redundancies, increase productivity and improve on collaboration, resulting in lower operating costs and higher margins. Due to the advancements of applications and modern-day solutions, organizations now have the ability to upgrade traditional office methods and increase productivity and employee satisfaction. SimNation enables better and faster access to information and decision-making data regardless of location or device.

  • Employee Collaboration Portals
  • Sales Enablement Automation & CRM
  • Managed Mobility Solutions

Agile Solutions

When you are a start-up your speed to market for critical business solutions is everything. Sometimes businesses seek alternatives to the standard enterprise structures and delivery models. SimNation helps you prioritize and deliver critical business initiatives, with maximized value achieved, to production faster. Our methodology and agile best practices emphasize transparent planning and execution that enables flexibility, efficiency and trust.

  • Agile Application Development
  • Modern Devops
  • Operational Change Management
Agile Solutions

Our Interdisciplinary actions revolve around

  • Strategy

    Strategy  Our objective-based approach is all about you and your goals, by making sure that your digital vision fits your customer needs.

  • UX & Design

    UX & Design Your brand shines through while all the heavy lifting and thoughtful design is kept behind the magic curtain.

  • Technology

    Technology We create possibilities by combining uncommon creativity with technical engineering, to tackle the most complex problems and break new ground.

  • Management

    Management We keep ideas on track, on time, and on budget. Our customer delight teams are here to put out fires before they start.

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